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In the end, the manager stated to me numerous times that this matter was resolved, she’ll pay for the repairs (which I still maintained were not necessary since there was a complete discrepancy between her claims and mine), I will be charged nothing for any of this, and that the whole incident is totally finished and I’ll never hear about it again.She said she would lose money personally resolving the problem in this way (because, according to her, the car would have to be repaired from the profits the branch took in which would then reduce the percentage of profits she would later be paid).

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I have already contacted my auto insurance carrier's fraud unit. Christopher Elliot, an internet author, consumer advocate and journalist about this problem to see if he can help me resolve it satisfactorily.

the car, a 2009 nissan sentra, was parked with among other vehicles in a lot under a tree. upon return i parked the car in the driveway, in full sunlight, with no other vehicles around.

the attendant noted some ripple markes in the lower passenger door saying they were "dents".

When I arrived at the branch a short time later, the car was actually in a different location quite far away being ‘serviced’ at a franchise-type garage.

The Enterprise employee who then accompanied me to this garage COULD NOT point out the alleged problems but instead knew to push on the passenger-side headlight which rocked in its holder a bit and so was ‘damaged.’ I let him know immediately that I was never instructed by the Enterprise employee that signed the car out to me a day earlier – and who was evidently not a regular employee of this branch and who clearly told me only to look for 4 inch scratches on the car – to push on all of the car’s lights.

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